How to Choose the Best and Safest Anti Aging Skin Care

The number of anti aging skin care products just keeps growing and growing.  There is an antiaging skin cream for natural whitening, a restorative night time lotion, eye contour gel, hydrating and cleansing masks and even whole body creams.  Do you really need them all?

Depending on your natural tone, you may not need whitening.  It is a part of a complete anti aging skin care program because some fair skinned people develop dark spots, commonly referred to as “age spots”, and uneven tones.  The best choice for an antiaging skin cream of this type is one that does not use harsh chemicals or abrasives.  A natural herbal extract developed in Europe will inhibit melanin production and reduce irritation that can occur as the skin becomes thinner.  Thus, lightening and evening your natural color.

It is safe to say that everyone needs a restorative antiaging skin cream for bedtime.  While you sleep, your body is going about repairing all of your cells that were damaged during the day.  That includes skin-cells.  You should look for one that does not contain artificial fragrances or colors.  No alcohol or chemicals should be present.  You do want something that nourishes and supports the production of collagen, elastin and skin-cell production.

For the best anti aging skin care program, an eye contour gel is highly recommended.  Crows feet, tiny lines and bags are a dead give away when it comes to guessing a person’s age.  Many gels are irritating because they contain alcohol that cause the eyes to water and itch.  The eyes are also very sensitive to chemicals commonly used as preservatives in cosmetics.  The best antiaging skin cream for the area around the eyes is one that contains the latest European ingredients.

Masks can accomplish more than daily cleansing and moisturizing.  Speaking of cleansing, do not scrub and do not use exfoliation solutions.  As you age, your skin becomes more sensitive to scrubbing and exfoliating can actually remove a layer of healthy skin. 
An anti aging skin care hydrating mask will help your daily moisturizers work better and more efficiently.  Every part of your body needs water.  In most any moisturizer or antiaging skin cream the primary ingredient is purified water, which is fine, but research has revealed new substances that allow you to “retain” that water, so your skin stays moister, longer.  The result is softer and healthier looking.

A deep cleansing mask will remove dead skin-cells while preventing black heads, pimples and even acne.  Yes, it is not uncommon to develop acne in later years, particularly, if your health and beauty regimen leaves something to be desired.  Dietary factors can also contribute, as can irregular hormonal levels that accompany menopause.  You should, once again, choose a product that contains no chemicals or harsh ingredients.
The best choice for an antiaging skin cream mask is New Zealand mineral clay.  It revitalizes and soothes.  The result is softer and smoother.  There is nothing like it in other anti aging skin care products. 



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